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Aachen Christmas Market

Christmas Markets

Aachen Christmas Market
Aachen Christmas Market has become famous far beyond the boundaries of the Aachen region. This is mostly due to its pleasant and familiar atmosphere. People come from all around to meet each other,during the lunch break or after work. Walking along the booths a German could feel as a foreigner. This is because the Aachen Christmas Market is visited by so many foreigners. Be sure you will meet somebody who talks your mother tongue, even if he comes from far away. Fried french potatoes are eaten at all times of the day. No wonder, they have been invented in Belgium just 6 miles away from the market.  Of course you will find a large variety of Printen and other Christmas cakes and biscuits, "Domino Stones", gingerbread, "Spekulatius" and marzipan bread. They are manufactured  by Aachen bakeries and exported worldwide. However in the Aachen Christmas Market they come oven fresh and taste much more delicious. The tradition of the Christmas Market goes back to the seventies. Aachen Chistmas Market is among the five best known and some people say, it is the best.

Another attraction you shouldn't miss if you visit Aachen, is the crossing of the three borders: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands. Within seconds you can visit these countries at a time. The Aachen Christmas Market is Germany's nearest Christmas Market to the UK and can easily be reached from London in less than 4 hours by train.

The tradition of the Christmas Market goes back to the seventies. Originally when it was held around the "Elisenbrunnen" the "Printen Market" was rather small. A huge change took place when it was moved to the Market Place and the Katschhof as well as the adjoining small streets. At the moment there are archeological investigations by the Elisenbrunnen. They found out that the history of Aachen reaches back 5000 years. So not the romans were the first who took a bath in the sulphur springs.

Visitors to the Aachen Christmas Market are faced with a great deal of choice and this is why they come back year after year to see the colourful stands and stalls. The Aachen Christmas Market closes its gates on the day before Christmas Eve in the afternoon. So don't be too late and don't forget Christmas Season is a high season when booking hotels. We really recommand to book early. Some hotels are fully booked already in March. If you need assistance just contact us. In 2011 Aachen Chistmas Market will be open from 11 a.m. to 21 p.m. from November, 19th to December, 20th

Aachen Christmas Market with big Aachener Printe a spicy cake
Aachen Christmas Market with the ancient cathedral where the coronation of Kaiser Karl took place at 800

Aachen Christmas Market in front of the ancient cathedral where the coronation of Kaiser Karl took place in 800

Aachener Weihnachtsmarkt with Printenman in the background, a spicy cake Aachen is famous for

Aachen Christmas Market stall offering bratwurst (sausages), pancake and french fried

Christmas stall at Aachen Weihnachtsmarkt offering sausages, fried french and pancake

Aachen Christmas market. Booth offering sweets and Lebkuchen (spicy cake)

Aachen Christmas market booth offering gifts

Aachen Christmas market offering wooden Christmas decoration

Potato pancake served with apple puree on Aachen Christmas Market

Sugarroasted almonds you will always meet on a German Christmas Market

Christmas booth at Aachen Christmas Market underneath the famous Cathedral Aachener Dom

Decoration for Christmas tree

Gluehwine booth probably the most attractive for visitors of all German Christmas markets

Typical Gluehwine cup - mulled wine

Form to bake Printen, the spicy cake Aachen Christmas Market is known for

with these houses you can build your own Christmas market


sweet yeast dumpling

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