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Christmas Attractions

Offering unique Christmas attractions also attracts the media. Have you ever heard of a Christmas climbing wall, a toy train that offers Belgium waffles, an illuminated Christmas tree that turns around continously or other simple games like sledge pulling? There are many possibilities to make your Christmas market booth attractive and unique - and the visitors are more likely to remember your booth, talk about it and return the following year with friends if a christmas attraction distinguishes your Christmas market booth from the average booths. A Christmas market ought to be interesting for the whole family and this includes children. In reality most Christmas markets are rather commercial since catering for adults yields high turnovers. But, don't forget the media! Impressing the media is a sure way to ensure many customers.

The following examples are some of the Christmas attractions we can offer from stock:

  • Catering toy train serving typical Christmas market food. e.g. Belgium waffles

  • flying angels, illuminated, 1,50m high

  • a sledge game with real sledges

  • snowball game

  • Christmas tree roulette

  • Christmas Climbing Wall with 24 doors to open. 8m high

  • catch Santa Claus - try to catch 9 falling Santa Clauses

There are many more Christmas attractions we can offer. Some are easy to copy, most of them not. If you plan your Christmas market, we will offer events that fit into your concept. Keep in mind that it is necessary to start planning early. Organising your Christmas market early will ensure that your ideas can be realised, and often it is the attention spent on details that distinguishes an ordinary, average Christmas market from a successfull one. It is the Christmas attraction that gives you the guarantee of success.


Catch Santa Claus

You have to catch nine falling Santa Claus before he touches the ground. Catching nine is possible if your reaction is good, but catching all of them is nearly impossible. Those who had a lot of mulled wine will wonder about the decrease of reaction late at night.

Christmas climbing wall

The so called Adventskalender only exists in German speaking countries. This calendar is equipped with 24 doors children open at Christmastime. Starting December, 1st, they open the first door, on 24th, holy day the last one. Behind the doors you will find sweets every day. We are proud to offer the worlds only Christmas climbing wall. It is 8m high and has 24 doors to open, too. The pockets behind you can fill with sweets or coupons. As visible from far away this is a real attraction. It can be buildt up indoor and outdoor.

Christmas attraction catering train

Things that move are much more attractive than static ones. This train pulls a turntable with plates on. So you can serve food while you see the twinkling eyes of children and grown ups. Please click photo to watch video.

This event can be equipped with a table to serve belgium waffles. There is an illuminated Christmas tree in the center of the table, too

Timber forest

Imagine your Christmas party would take place in the woods between or under timber trees. Probably nobody would come. But if we take the timber trees to your location and your guests can be served underneath these trees, this is an extraordinary and fascinating thing. Around the trunk of the tree round tables are mounted.  We have got the technique to buildt up timber trees up to 7m high wihout destroying the ground. Tis is a Christmas attraction your visitors never will forget.


Talking nutcracker. A fairy tale becomes reality.
He is about 110 cm / 37 inch high, is made from wood, weights 50 kg and can talk. What else could a Christmas attraction look like?


Starry Sky - Christmas sky
On a beamer screen we show you the stars as if being in a planetarium. We take that part of the sky that is exactly shown at night at your hometown - worldwide. You can guess the name of the stars and signs of the zodiac. We will give the solution by showing a new screen where the stars are described. The final screen shows the signs of the zodiac with beautiful paintings. This is romantic and science at a time.

Santa Claus on wire-rope, a Christmas attraction which will be seen from far away
He is bustling on a little bike all the time. Attends attraction because he moves. Can show a message, too, for promotion. Wire up to 10m. Can be changed by a bigger cable car cabin with Santa Claus or anything else sitting in

Giraffe, suitable for indoor and outdoor use a unique but expensive attraction
It is not only the height of 5,25 m, it is the impressing art this giraffe is fashioned. Even under rough conditions this illuminated animal will be noticed from far distance. Don't mix it with general illuminated Christmas decoration you find everywhere. This is a sculpture, this is art of it's best. The frosted skin with thousands of LEDs built in make you feel as if the Giraffe is alive.

Dimension: heigth: 5,25m, length: 3,4m
working voltage 24 V / 1080 W

Santa Claus on sled with reindeer
The fine art this sculpture is fashioned is breathtaking away. We are talking about art not about any Christmas decoration. For outddoor and indoor use you will show something absolute new. The technique and the way this sculpture is fashioned has been patented. We are proud to introduce this kind of Christmas art in 2009.
Dimensions: Sled: 185 cm, reindeers 175cm
Working Voltage 24V , total Power 297 W

click on photo for larger size

Santa Claus comes by electric sled
powered by generator bikes. A unique Christmas attraction.
Times have changed. Sata Claus, too. He prefers a sled powered by eclectricity. And this is produced by human power. So called Green Energy, as the power comes by by bikes with generators. The faster the players ride, the faster the slotcars (sled) run. All is controlled by computer: start, laps, speed, time, highscore list. It's an intelligent PC. It can talk: "Santa one is first, I think Santa one will be the winner. Oh, what an exciting race..."

Not yet on the photo: There is a Christmas tree, too. The lights will only go on, when the players ride the bikes. The whole slotcar course will be decorated for Christmas then. You can buy this event or rent it. Just send us a mail.


Christmas Gift Shop
We are just working on our Christmas Gift Shop. There will be typical German Christmas Gifts for whole sale prices without VAT. Just to give you an example have a look at the video on the right. The shop you will find here.

Just klick the photo to watch the video

Engraving a nutcracker
Imagine your gift for Christmas is a nutcracker with a name on its back. It really is funny.
Our engraver will assist your guests in inscribing the name of your guest on the lever of the nutcracker. He will bring along some engraving stations and teach your Christmas party.
As flights are cheap today, this is a low cost event.

  • Flight and transport of equipment € 150,00 within Europe. This is an average price. Please ask for exact price.

  • One evening for our engraver € 400,00

  • One nutracker 9,5 cm € 0,45

  • one engraving station: € 50,00 (up to five are possible)

Time to engrave on nutcracker: about 3 minutes. If you do it freehand it is about one minute.

Christmas Tree powered by bike
You need some manpower to illuminate the Christmas Tree. If the tree is very tall, you will need serveral bikes. You can rent our bikes or buy them. Just send us a mail.

Rent a reindeer

Our reindeers look very real. They have got a real fur - artificial of course. Children very often take them for real. When they visit our showroom in summer we tell them, that Santa leaves them behind at our showroom and that they are not allowed to move till he comes back at Christmas making them pull his sled. They believe that story.

You can't compare our reindeers with those made from plastic. They got the natural size of
H: 205 cm
L: 178 cm
Height of Head: 143 cm
A child is available, too. Those who don't know the immense height of a reindeer and see it standing all alone, will think, it is a grown up reindeer.
Measures of the child
Total height: 150 cm
L: 124 cm

These reindeers are not made to ride on. They are for decoration only#

Renting big reindeer for a week
€ 490,00 taxfree if within the EU
Renting reindeer child for a week
€ 250,00 net

You can buy them, if still available. This means we own the last ones you can buy in Europe as they are not manufactured anymore
Big reindeer
€ 1190,00
Reindeer child
€ 390,0
There will be added cost of shipment for one reindeer within EU approximately
€ 80,00

Transport box
€ 350,00

Nativity Scenery Maria, Joseph, Child Jesus in  XXL size
Joseph appears in normal size of 182 cm. If you build a stable around this will be a real Christmas attraction. The figures come with real clothing, just as you will find them in German churches. Also available the three Holy Kings.
€ 2600,00

Synthetic Skating Rink
It works nearly like a skating rink with real ice. But this one saves energy and can be build up in tropical climate, too. You can rent it or buy it - worldwide.


Hit the hole in the snowman
You know a goal wall. Now we throw white tennis balls on the wall. You have to hit the two holes in the wall. They are about 2m high and waterresistant. Of course you can throw real snowballs, too, if there is snow

Some information about your Christmas Market
As we got many requests for a Christmas Market we should deliver free of costs, here the explanation why this isn't possible.
We don't know if the location where the Christmas Market should take place will have enough visitors for a sufficiant turnover. This is the reason why we only will come if we are payed in advance.

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