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Christmas decoration

Equip yourself with original German Christmas decorations and if you have trouble selecting the right ornaments let yourself be guided by what you may have seen on TV or in pictures. Uncoordinated mixing the different styles and elements of German christmas decoration will prevent a harmonic impression and drift into obvious kitsch easily.

The few pictures of indoor decoration already indicate that -since christmas is emotion- the more feeling you can provide, the better the turnover.


Having performed hundreds of events, we know how to attract people. The right attractions will get your visitors talking about them and this will in turn attract more customers. Furthermore, the visitors are likely to spend more time with you if the attractions are chosen carefully.

Floating Buffet
Concerning Catering there is no other table worldwide that will impress your guests as much as our floating buffet. This is pure emotion. In a buildt in waterway the plates slowly and silently pass on by your guests. We are able to serve up to 1000 guests within an hour. The "river" is illuminated in blue. This emphasises the emotion. Suddenly sausages become a four star dinner. This is no joke. We made the experience. There is an island for decoration in the middle. One more attraction of our floating buffet is the shark we bought from a museum. We place it in the center normally while candles softly shine on the floating buffet.
Size: 6m x 1,5m x 1m
We have got two tables of the same size.

Turning Christmas tree
Things that move are much more attractive. This Christmas tree is turning while hundreds of illuminated glasfibers that change their color slowly will give you the feeling of Christmas. Among other decoration this tree will be the number one. 100 cm high. 230 V.

Christmas tree turning

Christmas booths
This is just an example to show you how an indoor Christmas booth can look like. You know: the more emotion the higher the turnover.

Talking nutcracker. A fairy tale becomes reality.
He is about 160 cm / 63 inch high, is made from wood, weights 50 kg. His height is really impressing. What else could a Christmas attraction look like? Put him on a self turning tabel and and he nearly is alive.
There are other sizes, too. The most sold of our tall nutcrackers measures 110cm.


Christmas Balls of XL size
Only extraordinary things attract attention. One method is the size. This Christmas balls impress by their size up to 90cm. They are available in all colors and many designs.

Buffet decoration
This illuminated decoration made of wood with Christmas sceneries you can place under your big  plates.

Animated Decoration
All these winter items do have one thing in common: everything is moving. It is fun watching the sled running downhill or the horse race. Placed on a buffet or at several other places, grown ups get back into their childhood. This kind of Christmas decoration ist not a toy. Children quickly would destroy it.

Nativity Scenery
To have a real Christmas atmosphere a nativity scenery is a must. We have several models and sizes in stock. We will build one in any size you want. Just tell us your idea. They are made in Germany just where the original nativity sceneries come from

Maria and Joseph
Nativity sceneries need to be equipped. Depending on the size of the nativity scenery itself is the size of the inhabitants. We can deliver them at nearly any size. You will find them all in our shop at the end of march.

Animated figures
Just have a look at the video.


Santa Claus comes by electric sled
He comes on a slotcar course in competition with his collegue. But that's not all, the electricity comes by human power. The faster the players ride, the faster the sled runs. All is contolled by a computer: start, laps, time, speed. And finally the winner is shown in the highscore list. For Christmas the course will be decorated with a Christmas tree. The lights will go on only when the player produce electricity by the bikes.

You can hire this Christmas event or even buy it. We invented it in 2009. There is no better Christmas attraction than this funny game. And it is powered by Green Energy, too.

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