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Monschau Christmas Market

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There is not so much to explain if you have a look at the photos. Houses as they nearly were in mediaeval times.This place has been created for romantic people. The Monschau Christmas Market emphasises the whole scenery still.
Located in a small valley in the Eifel Mountains you will probably find snow in Monschau. This will normaly not happen in Aachen, which is only about 30 km away. A special attraction are the small cafes and tiny shops. Their Christmas decoration will invite you to enter them. You will find the Christmas booths spread all over this little town. So Monschau Christmas Market is a tour back in time.

Just have a look at the video of the Monschau Christmas market and you will understand why so many visitors of German Christmas markets say it is the most beautiful. The landscape looks like the that of a model train. If you go up the steep stairs to the hulk of the ancient castle you can take a photo of Monschau Christmas Market like we did. Don't you think they are beautiful? The photos just show only a part of the Christmas Market.

Monschau is famous for it's mustard. It is still being manufactured in this 5th-generation which dates back more than 100 years. Originally powered by a water wheel, the mill has undergone some changes but still sports the old belt transmissions. In the shop, which is open daily, enthusiasts  of the spicy grains can choose their favourite from among 18 different mustard varieties. In a samll restaurant you can taste them all. The Meals are prepared by the owners themselves.

A visit to the glassworks offers memorable insights into the evolution of glassmaking and the decorative styles of past centuries. Witness the making of vases, plates, antique vessels, drinking glasses and other objects from red-hot glass stock during several daily on-site demonstrations.

You can observe glassmakers at work on the glass furnace. Watch products being ground to an artistic finish and see glassworker's tools from past centuries. In addition, you will gain basic information about the manufacture of mouth-blown, hand-ground glass. At some booths you will find a lot of products that are manufactured in Monschau. There are not so many Christmas Markets that offer Christmas presents that are handmade in the same region. Another reason to visit Monschau.

During Christmas Time Monschau Christmas market is only open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

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